Andrea & Spencer have elevated the after school dance program to a whole new level! My daughter is absolutely loving both Ballet & Modern Dance at Mandelstam DANCE... and is getting quite the workout too! I know that she will make huge leaps in technique this year while having fun with such professional, kind and inspiring instructors! Thank you!
-Indi Avila, Miami, FL

Directors Shelley and Hering have created a positive and nurturing environment where young dancers will be exposed to the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as developing creativity and inner artistry, to learn to appreciate dance as a whole. For professional dancers; here you will find your platform to be physically, intellectually and emotionally stimulated; and continue working on your craft!
-Lize-Lotte Pitlo, Miami, FL

Andrea and Spencer offer exceptional training for dancers of all levels. Compassion, creativity, quality and inspirational are words that describe these wonderfully dedicated artists sharing their knowledge and experience with their students. Miami has gained two incredibly talented artists, we are lucky to have them here at Mandlestam DANCE!
-Magdalena Maury, Cultural Triad Liason, The Mandelstam School, Miami, FL

Excellent, challenging and motivating. Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat. Classes available for all levels at Mandelstam DANCE. Strong attention to instruction, individual correction. Taught with consideration and love of the art form.
-Sangode Lowe, Miami, FL

The Mandelstam DANCE team is top notch; my daughter is a student at the school and being able to transition straight way to a planful after-school ballet curriculum is invaluable to us all! Cheers for professionalism, communication, and most importantly: community!
-Marilyn Mackiewicz Etzbach, Miami, FL

I cannot say enough good things about Spencer and Andrea. They are both very knowledgable and beautiful dancers.  In addition they are amazing teachers and choreographers.  They really understand the professional dance world. My son, was drawn to Spencer's unique style of teaching and choreography. This lead to a beautiful collaboration between the two of them, which resulted in a prestigious award for Spencer's choreography.  We love Andrea and Spencer so much, that we have traveled from New York to California to take classes. 
-Bernadette Wolff, NYC

Teaching, coaching, or choreography, these two artists know just how to meet and exceed their expectations. Students under their training are exposed to a dynamic and diverse world of dance. With a ballet-based curriculum, Shelley and Hering work students to push their limits and result in major technical improvements. In class, these teachers work to get as close to the dancers as possible, building a relationship of trust and understanding. While demonstrating exercises and personally helping students, class becomes a fun, meaningful, and sophisticated environment perfectly run by these teachers. As coaches and/or choreographers, Shelley and Hering work closely with their students to help them reach the best level of movement. In one on one sessions, Shelley and Hering will work with students’ wishes of dance style. Ballet, contemporary, or a mix of both, these two can create a perfect piece that will greatly showcase the dancers’ ability, hard work, and challenge level. Whether this duo is working together or separately on one project, expectations of excellence will be exceeded. For the student, Shelley and Hering provide an amazing experience that will improve the individual as both a dancer, and a person. 
-Jack Wolff, student of JKO / American Ballet Theater, NYC

Spencer Hering and Andrea Shelley have been teaching special workshops and master classes at our studio for the past seven years.  Their classes have been invaluable to the training of the dancers there.  Andrea and Spencer possess an excellent knowledge of ballet and ballet technique.  Their wonderful energy, good eye for corrections, and willingness to work with students individually has allowed the dancers to make great progress.  In our last workshop, Spencer created wonderful new contemporary choreography for the students’ upcoming performances and competitions.  In addition, Andrea added a new class, Progressing Ballet Technique, where the students increased their strength, flexibility, and muscle memory. We can’t wait to have both teachers come back for another amazing workshop!
-Jennifer Schmidt, Redlands, CA

I, for one, have so enjoyed having a class of this caliber on Sunday to add to my line-up of classes to take. As a 9-5 working adult in Houston it's hard to find a really good Ballet class that fits in my schedule. I love the way you push us to do more and actually give corrections (which I never get). No matter how seemingly complicated or difficult the steps are we still seem to be able to do them with y'all's encouragement. You both have such good attitudes about teaching us Adults (which I know is totally different than teaching kids) and never get impatient with us. I feel I'm expanding my mind and stretching myself to work harder and it feels great - Brain food! 
-Sally Terral, Houston, TX